A magical evening at the amusement park

  • Autos tamponneuses

Tonight, I'm surprising the children and offering them a magical evening at an amusement park!

Top departure, the whole family is ready and we walk to the Luna Park from our campsite. As we approach the park, we hear music and laughter, and the children can't hold still. When we arrive in front of the park, we come across a sign announcing that a big fireworks display will close the evening. The excitement is at its peak!

We start by pleasing the little ones, too impatient to wait another minute. Duck fishing, merry-go-rounds, sweets, they have stars in their eyes and don't know what to think. Then it's up to the teenagers to enjoy themselves on the thrill rides. We meet them in front of the ghost train and laugh heartily as they scream and then get out of the ride blaming each other for being more scared than they should have been.
After a few attractions for the whole family, including the inevitable waterfalls, we gather around a candy apple to admire the Sètefireworks. A great show! The conclusion of a beautiful family evening that young and old alike will certainly not forget!