Get ready for Escale à Sète 2020

  • Entrée dans le port

Welcome to Escale à Sète, the first celebration of Mediterranean maritime traditions.

A love story

In the Thau Archipelago, we live with the elements, and especially with water, with whom we have a true love story. It is from this romance that "Escale à Sète" was born, a week of highlights, meetings and conviviality for the preservation of the maritime and river heritage.
You have not attended previous editions? We'll give you a briefing!

Be ready to be amazed!

Stopover in Sète is first of all a large gathering of the most beautiful boats in the world, in the heart of the city. And believe me, between boat visits, sea parades, naval battles and other water shows and competitions, you won't know where to turn your head!

Enjoy an exceptional atmosphere

When you come to Escale à Sète, you will have a unique experience, immersed in the culture of the seafarers. You will meet international music groups on the quays, in bars and on board boats, who will come to meet you and introduce you to traditional songs.

Prenez part à la fête

Si vous n’aimez pas être un simple spectateur, ou que vous avez gardé une âme d’enfant, Escale à Sète vous réservera de belles surprises ! Vous pourrez y profiter de nombreuses animations, comme des jeux maritimes, des ateliers de construction navale, des initiations à la rame traditionnelle ou aux joutes sur chariots. Une chose est sûre, vous n’allez pas vous ennuyer !

Are you ready for a visit of the tall ships? 

From 7 to 13 April 2020:  

 Come and admire the world's most majestic sailing ships

Ticket should be available soon.