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    Between land and sea: the Bagnas nature reserve

    Between Agde, Marseillan and Cap d'Agde, there is the Bagnas National Nature Reserve, which is about 5/8 km from my house (depending on where you are located on the reserve! and which may even be a little further away, if, like us, you manage to get lost between Agde and Marseillan!!!); but also the Canal du Midi, the Thau lagoon, and all kinds of larger or smaller, more or less salty pools of water.
    The regulation of national nature reserves is very strict, and a protection perimeter (land, sea and/or air) is defined according to each territory. Also, to discover the Bagnas reserve, we had to wait for an animation. We didn't wait very long because there are guided tours every week, even several times a week in the summer. We have set our sights on the "sunset on the Bagnas" walk on Tuesday evening.
    If the visit is made to discover the reserve, it is also designed to observe the birds... but this time, it will be complicated... Despite everything, we are given binoculars, and the walk begins.
    We stop regularly to discover which birds are accompanying us tonight; our guide is a little disappointed by this mist that surrounds us gently but surely. However, this does not seem to alter the enthusiasm of the group, everyone is delighted with the comments and explanations of our facilitator. It must be said that Matthew is passionate and exciting, and it is in the greatest silence that we listen to him talk to us about the fauna and flora of the reserve.
    No less than two hundred and sixty species of birds find refuge in the reserve: some come to find love in the summer, others spend the winter quietly, others just spend time there. On the way, we see badger burrows, we hear raggins in the bushes, a rabbit runs away in front of us; because the reserve naturally does not only shelter birds... Foxes, wild boars, cistuous turtles, but also all kinds of insects, including HUGE dragonflies, complete the neighbourhood !
    The visit continues, and we are entitled to a tasting of wild herbs... The must: the fruit of monogyne hawthorn which has a rather surprising apple taste. I would have liked to dazzle you with a superb sunset and a multitude of pink flamingos... only here it is, in the mist all the birds are grey and the landscapes too!
    We will still have the chance to observe several species: herons, stilts, terns, moose, lapwing... Our walk ends in the dark night. We promise to come back one day on a sunny day, and to take our eldest daughter to the activities planned for the children.
    I highly recommend the guided tour of the Bagnas reserve; sincerely everyone came out of the tour very enthusiastic despite the conditions that were far from optimal! There are several paths around the reserve, but none allow you to observe birds as well as during these outings.

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