Never without my buddies!

    Summer vacation with friends is clearly the best time of the year. No schedules, no strings attached, just cool sharing time.

    When I booked the summer holidays for our group of friends, I already had a few criteria in mind, set during our last evenings: a trip that didn't make us waste too much time, a festival with a good program, the beach to recover from our evenings. And I had the perfect plan: the Thau archipelago.
    After a few hours on the train, we disembark in Sète and put down our stuff. Just enough time to change our clothes, and here we go for an afternoon on the beach, which will finally turn into an aperitif in a straw hut.
    After a short stop in our rental for a small shower, direction the city center and its lively terraces to eat a bite to eat. We find ourselves a small table on the canal side, in a small typical restaurant, and let ourselves be carried away by the atmosphere.
    Once night falls, it is at the theatre of the sea that our adventure continues. A big night awaits us, and it is precisely this atmosphere that we came here to find. Good sound, a crazy setting, people who like to party as much as we do... life!