Our best mussels recipes

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Nearly 3000 tons of Mediterranean mussels are produced each year in the Thau basin. Mussel farming preceded oyster farming. They are eaten raw or cooked, on the track, or in a "brasucade", according to taste, and for the larger ones, of course, they are stuffed "à la sétoise".

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Enjoy mussels in a different way

Mussels are important in our territory, grown in the pond of Thau, they are cooked in different ways, just as delicious.

It can be enjoyed as an aperitif ("piste de moules") : the mussels, cooked, are marinated in olive oil and lemon (salt, pepper and chilli can be added), you will often find them in the Halles and markets of the different municipalities. This marinade can also be made with other types of fish, raw.

Enjoy it in "brasucad"e, a tradition on the banks of the Thau pond. They are cooked in the vine, grilled (from the Occitan "brasucados"), sprinkled as it is cooked with a sauce prepared in advance. There are not as many recipes for sauce as there are people who make it.

A brasucade competition is organised each year in Frontignan as part of the Muscat Festival. It is sometimes served at sporting and other events that bring many people together.

On a family Sunday, we will enjoy the "stuffed" mussels, served with pasta, rice or potatoes, this dish is similar to the "macaronade". These are the largest mussels used, they are stuffed with sausage meat.

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