Full of sensations

The Mediterranean Sea and the Thau lagoon are beautiful playgrounds for lovers of water sports and leisure activities, whatever their level. What are you waiting for to jump into the water? The Thau archipelago along the water. Local words: to discover the lagoon and the secrets of shellfish production for which the Thau basin is famous, there is nothing better than a boat trip! From the ports of Mèze and Bouzigues, former oyster farmers take you on a trip along the river, with explanations! Don't miss: the tasting walks and "sunset" outings in Mansathau, a delight for your taste buds and eyes! The Thau lagoon: an ideal spot for kite-surfing Kite-surfing combines the pleasure of a sliding sport, the technicality of a sailing sport and the adrenaline of an extreme sport...
Kayak through our territory! Discover the fauna and flora, come and taste the oysters from the Thau pond or simply rent a kayak and go on an adventure in complete autonomy. From Marseillan to Frontignan via Sète, Mèze and Balaruc-Les-Bains, sail towards an exceptional nautical adventure.  Go on an expedition, between sea and pond!
Treat yourself to a privileged moment in an exceptional setting! There's nothing like a trip with friends to forget the little worries of everyday life and recharge your batteries! Yoga-paddle, spa, straw huts, in the Thau Archipelago, we have absolutely everything you need!
In Sète, we live with the elements, and in particular with water, that lifts you up and takes you away Enclaved between the Mediterranean and the Thau pond, the singular island lives to the rhythm of the water. On the water, in ULM, hobie cat or sea kayak; underwater, diving to discover the coves of Sète; above the water, in ULM, parachute or kite surfing. But Sète is not only the song of the waves, it is also the many festivals that punctuate the summer season, such as the Worldwide Festival, or the evenings spent strolling in beach bars....    
Welcome to Escale à Sète, the first celebration of Mediterranean maritime traditions. A love story In the Thau Archipelago, we live with the elements, and especially with water, with whom we have a true love story. It is from this romance that "Escale à Sète" was born, a week of highlights, meetings and conviviality for the preservation of the maritime and river heritage. You have not attended previous editions? We'll give you a briefing!Be ready to be amazed! Stopover in Sète is first of all a large gathering of the most beautiful boats in the world, in the heart of the city. And believe me, between boat visits, sea parades, naval battles and other water shows and competitions, you won't know where to turn your head!
Two days to discover the Thau Archipelago? Challenge taken up! Need a change of scenery for a weekend? To the Thau Archipelago! The charm of its preserved nature, the flavours of its gastronomy and the art of living of its inhabitants will give you a second wind... and the desire to return there!