A day of relaxation!

For me, holidays are about discovery,
a lot of walking but also a little relaxation.

After an evening dancing at the Théâtre de la Mer, I suggest that my group of friends go and relax a little and that's good, not far from our accommodation we were told about Balaruc-Les-Bains, famous for its Baths, perfect for the day we had planned.

We will have breakfast by the pond of Thau, what a treat, the hot sun, good pastries and here we go for a day of relaxation.
We arrive at O'balia, warm welcome, we opt for the Magic of Water and a small body massage. Large pools with thermal water at 34°C, a Hammam, a sauna, everything is perfect! After 2 hours in the spa we decide to go to eat, a beach straw mat? We are tempted to eat with our feet in the sand, our activity being in Frontignan we find a small restaurant by the sea.  Small cuttlefish à la plancha, a bourride or a fish in the oven, we take the opportunity to eat fish.

But after this good morning of relaxation we are heading towards the pond, a strange activity has aroused our curiosity... Paddle yoga, it seems to be trendy at the moment, so why not?

Here we go, we are given a paddle and a paddle, we have to sheathe and move forward a little to take the course in the middle of the pond, it is calm, the water is smooth, a real pleasure to be in the middle of nature. And then we start the class, we do a series of postures, and then it falls apart, I try to concentrate so I don't end up getting wet. A beautiful sporting and relaxing experience.

And that's the end of this busy day, we go back to Sète to the "théâtre de la mer" for our festival!